Stormy Lake

Author Of The Arts In Spiritual Healing, The Divine Feminine, Prophetic Wisdom & Energy Medicine. Writing for 

Sibyl Magazine 2018. Click Photo to go to Sibyl for monthly articles directly. 

Advanced Spiritual Teacher & Healer.

 Specializing in Expert Prophetic Healing, Dreams & Visions, Interpretation & Application, Symbolic Signs of The Divine. Advanced Practitioner of Akashic Records ~ Reading's & Healing, Advance C.P. of Crystal & Gem Healing,& Ancient & Angelic Grids, Sacred Geometry for Miricle Healing & Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner ~ A Global Certification Of Training.

Nationally & Internationally Recognized in her field of Certifications for

 Energy Healing & Spiritual Development. Serving Revelation & Truth As A Vessel Of Service To The Most-HigH

 Nationwide & Internationally Serving You.  

 Stormy Lake, Energy Practitioner Teacher & Spiritual Advocate

"Where Science & Energy Meet Spirituality “

Stormy Lake ~ 2007-2017

Divine Energy is a Sacred Space offered to others for Soul Healing, Renewed Energy, Optimal Health,

* Spiritual Awakenings * & * Transformative Growth *. Thus providing harmony peace and a purpose-filled life for balance as a whole, transforming the path to Wellness from Within. 

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Combining Her Gifts of Infinite Wisdom For Unity of World Healing!

Looking for an Authentic Energy Healer or Spiritual Practitioner?

Want to know peace and experience a life of bliss thus helping to assist you in finding balance.

Come Learn, Grow & Spiritually Awaken to your Soul Path & Spiritual Purpose.

Join Stormy Lake, Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, Spiritual Healer & Teacher, Specializing in Prophetic Healing, Energy Medicine, Advanced Therapist in Crystal Healing, Sacred Geometry, Ancient Grids, Akashic Healing/Reading, and much more. With over a decade of practice behind her, she is impacting souls for growth on a global level.

Stormy is a woman of Native American Blood & upbringing of Creek Indian. She combines the cultures of healing In such a Unique way by introducing A New Era of Healing for all walks of life.

Stormy Created a one of a kind practice by the Combining of Science, Energy, and Spirituality - Trademarked & Copyrighted. In her words, the art of this work of Divine healing and teaching is shifting perceptions and making a great impact on many lives. Stormy has created the most authentic school to help assist other like-minded spiritual entrepreneurs to become Exceptionally Gifted Practitioner's at IIOSHEM - International Institue of Spiritual Healing & School of Energy Medicine. She has the heart to reach all those who are ready to heal from within and/or learn healing truth's 

Surface 2 Soul as Proficient Practitioners. Reaching student's & clients alike, who may be searching for a life of only love, bliss, and great peace.

Stormy Lake 2018

Offering authentic sacred healings and teachings from ancient history based on the Celtic Tradition. Divine Energy provides proficient crystalline sessions such as Crystalline Spiral Infusion by Stormy Lake to transform your energy system to optimal health. Each variety of crystal has a unique internal structure or blueprint which causes it to resonate at a certain frequency. It is this resonance that creates their healing abilities. Applying this resonance in a coherent way can help to restore stability and energy balance to the bodies energy systems, stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms. 

As a Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Certified Eden Energy Practitioner, & Advanced Crystal Therapist, you are guaranteed safety as we test your energy system to verify what crystals are safe for your healing session. Whereby tapping into deep layers of emotional and physical healing with crystalline energy is easily accessible, scientifically supported and tangibly recognized by clients and promote healing on all levels.

Where is She Located? 

How Can She Assist Me?

Stormy is local to Central Florida, practicing in Orlando Florida and currently serving  Internationally through live distant healing & sound therapy sessions in the U.K. & Netherlands. In addition, she is assisting other yoga centers and wellness studios throughout Central Florida and travels regularly to hold class courses and private sessions as needed. Stormy Lake reaches to meet the needs of others hosting private retreats and events traveling east to west coast for the individual needs of her clients.

Come join her Ascending Summit and subscribe to Divine Energy's monthly newsletters, public events, certification programs, and retreats. Be Inspired by the most Authentic Workshops, Native Body Drumming, Somatic Healing Circles, Sound Healing, Miracle Meditations and much more. 

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We Are All Made Perfect & Each Living Being is Authentically Unique. 

You Are A Master Piece, Perfectly Blended & Created By Fabulous Energy. We All Cary A Coat of Many Colors, So Don't Let "A Thing" Lower Your Body Mind Or Brain, Let Your Light SHINE & Be The Divine Flame! 

   *Stormy Lake*​

We Are All Made Perfect According to Divine Code & Each Living Being is Authentically Unique.

You Are A Masterpiece, Perfectly Blended & Created By Fabulous Energy. 

We living beings carry a coat of many colors, 

 did you know you were born to shine,

 For even in the thunder, the sun does not hide.

 So Let Not “A Thing” Lower Your Vibe.

 Be The Divine Flame you were created & called to be 

Move in Conviction and do it * FEARLESSLY *!

*Stormy Lake*

How Can We Assist Your Needs Energetically?!?!

For individuals, couples, and group therapy sessions let us assist you in your Energetic Healing, Spiritual Freedom, Emotional Balancing & Physical Needs and in turn help you to raise your body vibration for healing.

We focus on balance from within to heal throughout: Utilizing our non-invasive natural therapies such as Energy Medicine,  Kinesiology, Acupressure, Chakra Healing, Color Infusion, & Sound Therapy and so much more. These are only a few options. 

We believe you can Over Come what no longer has authority over you when you be well within. 




Low Self-Esteem




Life Transgressions

Energy Blocks, Confusion, & or Physical Pain.

Anger, Worry, Paralyzed Will or Shame, has no space to thrive in the Divine * 


You are a Divine light being

We assess the energy body and the symptoms to help eliminate the stress through energy testing. Whereby the supporting results restore and balance the body naturally. We ask the wisdom of the body, and by energy correction, we can then, in turn, support your healing needs and energetically help you to reduce and possibly eliminate the symptoms of the root cause. Assessment of the body is key to healing. Any energy imbalance not assessed and corrected could have created the cause of physical pain. It can be corrected and released typically with Energy Medicine. So by natural healing modalities from cultures around the world and Spirit Guiding Wisdom, we guide you to the whole truth and allow you to choose the option to heal. We offer Personal Prayer for those needing unity in fellow support, as your walk is never alone. Just ask us and we will book your personal prayer request held Individually and personally. From there out Stormy brings your request into Sacred Prayer Sanctuary daily, & yes it is always Free.

This list is just a sample of what Divine Energy Healing can help you with. We will work with a number of modalities to get you on the road to Whole Health, and a sound mind of Peace & Tranquility.

Call or email us for an appointment. We do not take insurance but are willing to work with your financial needs, we look forward to speaking with you and we joyfully honor the opportunity to assist you.

Divine Energy Healing Welcomes


What our customers are saying

I would highly recommend Stormy and her business, Divine Energy Healing to family, friends, and co-workers and I can't wait to return again!

Janette Springfield 

It's not to be forgotten, we are Body, Mind & Spirit.

All must be in balance, & in harmony for each of us to be healthy, whole, and complete.

When our bodies are strong and full of vitality, our minds are awake and sharp, and our spirits are loving and open…& only then can we experience incredible ENERGY Incredible love and a life of Passion for the living!

See our Sanctuary for Balance.

Divine Energy Healing