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Used for Reducing Stress, Increase Blood Flow, Calm Nervous System, Enhance Mental Clarity, Improve Immune Response. Increase Energy, Improve Muscle Tone and Organs. Regular Price $105.00   

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Welcome to Energy Healing & Spiritual Transformation.

Spiritual Clear

Spiritual Clear is a session to align ones spirit to their soul purpose.

This modality is used for Divine intervention to align the soul to their spiritual walk. As we often feel we walk on our path but really we are only walking parallel to our journey. 


Soul Rejuvenator

Soul Rejuvenator is to balance the energy centers in your body (and release blockages) by clearing the primary chakras. Benefits may be felt instantly or may take 24—72 hours to process this healing technique. 


Crystal * Gems

Raise your Vibration  with crystal healing, this session is used to balance the body, with gem vibrational accession to open & increase enlightenment, clear chakras, release emotion, relive pain, clear energy blocks, ground the body, promote wellness and increase energy while balancing the body to harmony with Crystalline Energy.


Sacred Union

Sacred Union is a session of deep healing for spiritual awakening that tangibly ignites one’s soul to their living purpose and clears all blocked energy to the highest level of holy light. Two Practitioners Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner * & * Prophetic Intuitive, for your Spirit/Soul purpose. This is a dimension where the love, heat and the breath of God is experienced— which is the process of the Sacred Union. These sessions are very powerful, emotionally detoxifying, and highly effective. Combing the Spiritual, Physical, & Etheric Space with deep intention & sacred prayer and catapults them to heavenly spaces.  


Energy Tracker

 Full Body Tracker: Assesses the energy system and brings complete balance to the body. Testing and correcting energy imbalances with acupressure and/or crystals and magnets. Includes a Wellness Tracker to keep the body in balance.   


Energy Balance

 Energy Balancer: Increase your energy, strengthen the auric field, and relieve stress by making space in the body’s energy system. increased flow by moving and detoxifying the lymphatic system from etheric beyond flesh layers & auric spaces, before they enter the body. 


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Hormone Balance

Harmonize YOUR Fire (Hormone Balance): Connect all organs balance the nervous system, calm and open energy flow. Harmonize body by reconnecting each organ back to home so everything works together as one and efficiently. 

Very Powerful Session.


Mental Detox  

Black Pearl: Harmonize the energy system of the hypothalamus (the brain’s brain) with a neurovascular detox to calm the nervous system, release emotions and reprogram the brain to bring balance to the body, wonderful for depression or high level stress . 


Crystal Bowls

Crystal Bowl Healing is Vibrational Healing and used are 5 to 7 true clear quarts crystals to promote healing to the endocrine system through sound, opening the vortexes of each organ helping to release blocks in the emotional body and energetic body while bridging balance and unity. Thus creating a higher awareness of Divine Frequency to our DNA and regulates at 428 MHz.


Body Drumming

Body Drumming is used to release deep wounds of the soul through the sound of the ancient drums vibration. We incorporate Hang drum, Native Drum, and Ocean Drumming.  

30 min $50

55 min $100

Layer 1

Akashic Records  

  Angelic Infusion

Reading & Healing 

Akashic Healing & Sacred Prayers -  (Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning "sky", "space" or "aether") are collectively understood to be a collection of mystical knowledge & Kingdom Protected, that is encoded in the aether; i.e. on a non-physical plane of existence by open vessels of the Highest Good.

Energy Healing & Reading 

$90 - 45 min 

Sacred Heart Healing

Sacred Heart session is used for Soul Healing & to release pain and suffering, the heart is the most powerful electrical unit in our body and holds the ability to receive joy or receive pain. This session helps one to release trapped anger, and embrace forgiveness, realign the soul with ones spirit promoting peace and love, through the heart center. Combined therapy includes, Body Drumming, Tuning forks, & energy balancing the hearts vortex, to mend the shattered soul, including Sacred Prayer & 

* Love Language *.


Service Prices

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Spiritual Clear


Most Popular Service

1 hr session

Spiritual Clear

Soul Rejuvenator Chakra Clear..


Best for Emotional Balance

1 hr session

Soul Rejuvenator

Crystal * Gem 


Best for Clarity & Energy Activation

1 hr session

Crystal & Gem

Custom Sessions 

Other services: Include combining many healing tools doors ways to assist one in the path of enlightenment.

From Toning & Chanting to combining 528 frequency, Traditional Chinese Medicine through sound, Tibetan Bowls, Native American healing modalities. Always we give love and have love and the Sacred prayer song. 

Helpful for emotional & physical restoration.

We Also combine Meridian Healing with Crystal Bowls, this is cellular & vibrational sweeping utilizing meridians & vibrational sound.

for deep healing. 

Can't find what you want we will create a Custom Session for you.


1.5 hrs

What our customers are saying

Stormy is a gem of a soul! She has a calming way about her that makes you believe & know that everything will be ok. A talent like no other. Stormy naturally knows things without asking a word. The energy sessions with her have been amazing. I leave feeling alive, positive, balanced, with a clear mind (which is rare for me) and relaxed soul. I am blessed for having Stormy in my life and as my friend. – Cristine

Long Time Client - Cristine