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Stormy Lake ~ Cover of Sibyl Magazine 

Author, Practitioner, and Teacher. The Healing Arts of Spiritual Transformation.

2018 & 2019

Stormy has compiled years worth of wisdom about the Divine Goddess within,

She educates Globally about becoming the best version of the Divine Self through the "Divine Feminine" International articles for Everyday Sacred Living.

She currently writes on how to move from Chaos into Enlightenment -

"From the Dark to Light" for The Spirit & Soul of Women 2019.

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Sibella Publications International

Globally recognized for her wisdom in the Divine.

Stormy is an inspiration to many, and she is raising up woman across the globe, by building spiritual strength to all souls seeking Spiritual Truth.

Sibyl Magazine 2018-2019

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Combining Her Gifts of Infinite Wisdom For Unity of World Healing!

A woman of Native American Blood & Diversity in her upbringing of Creek Indian.

 Stormy Lake combines the many cultures of healing In such a Unique way, introducing a 

New Era of Holistic Healing for all walks of life.

Certified Master Teacher, Practitioner & Educational Director.

Stormy Lake is Owner of Divine Energy Healing Inc.

Certified In The Following:

Advanced Holistic Practitioner, Spiritual Alchemist, Energy Medicine Mentor, Spiritual Coach &

 Prophetic Teacher at IIOSHEM.

Energy Medicine Practitioner, Advanced Spiritual Healer, Certified Empath Practitioner, Sacred Geometry Practitioner, Level One KRI Certified Yoga Instructor of Kundalini as taught by Yogi Bhajan ® Crystal Reiki Master Practitioner, Crystal & Gemstone Practitioner, Creator & Master Teacher/Practitioner of 

Spirit Medicine Sound Frequency Sacred Alchemy ® Certified Practitioner Program - Vibrational Gong Medicine, Crystal Bowl Frequency Endocrine Healing, & Spirit Drumming, 

Teacher/Certified Practitioner of Himalayan/Tibetan Singing Bowls,

Energy Reflexology Practitioner, Reiki & Color Therapy Practitioner, Healing & Deliverance Practitioner,

 Bethel School of Supernatural Ministries. ACP level 1-5. 

Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, Meditation & Mudra Practitioner,

Advanced Crystal Elixer Practitioner. Advanced level 3 Akashic Records Reader Certified Practitioner by Linda Howl, Advanced Akashic Records Reader of Mystery School by Amanda Romania.

Ancient Wisdom Healing Practitioner, Crystal Grid Practitioner,

 Prophetic Intuitive, Akashic Healing Practitioner. Dream and Vision Interpreter,

Ordained Minister.

Founder & President of Door 2 Spirit & Door 2 Spirit Retreats.

Owner & Director of

The International Institute of Spiritual Healing & School of Energy Medicine. www.IIOSHEM.com


Stormy created one of a kind practice by combining Science, Energy, and Spirituality - to Transform the Spirit & Soul of all coming forward. In her words, The Art of The Divine Practice provides tangible acceleration of conscious shifting. Changing perceptions and making a great impact on a profound level. 

Stormy has created the most authentic school to help assist other like-minded spiritual entrepreneurs to become Exceptionally Gifted Practitioners at IIOSHEM - International Institute of Spiritual Healing & School of Energy Medicine. IIOSHEM.COM

She has the heart to reach all those who are ready to heal from within and/or learn healing truth's

Surface 2 Soul as Proficient Practitioners. Reaching students & clients alike, who may be searching for a life of only love, bliss, and great peace. If you are searching for an Authentic Spiritualist, Energy Healer or Spiritual Healer, look no further. Want to know peace and experience a life of bliss thus helping to assist you in finding balance, no problem it is her born gift to lead you to ascension.

Come to Learn, Grow & Spiritually Awaken to your Soul Path & Spiritual Purpose.

Join Stormy Lake, with well over a 20yrs of personal practice behind her she is impacting souls for growth on a global level.

Stormy Lake 

Stormy Lake, Author, Entrepreneur, Spiritual Healer,  Advanced Energy Medicine Mastery

Stormy Lake 


Specializing in Prophetic Wisdom, Words of Knowledge & Spirit/Soul Healing. 

As an Advanced Energy Medicine Mastery Practitioner and Educational Director of The International Institute of Spiritual Healing.

Stormy Lake has reached the International Market in pursuit of her passion through her Healing Arts Practice.

Raising Awareness:

With Proficient Teachings and Healings in the New Age culture, she has brought awareness and miracle healing to many. Educating on Holistic Health and Spiritual Awakenings has

never been more exciting.

Stormy is an Expert in the field of Spiritual Mastery. 

Recognized as an International Master Teacher and Advanced Practitioner of 

Energy Medicine & Spiritual Healing. 

Local & International - Exposure, Teaching & Mentoring:

Stormy has worked with hundreds of clients, 

practitioners and wellness directors. Stormy not only serves locally, but she also mentors other practitioners in there personal life development and spiritual giftings internationally. Her creative eyes have given her the ability to form partnership development with other Energy Healers to build there business strategies, concepts and vision goals to implements new ideas, and create a thriving healing practice. 

Stormy provides Energy Healing and Teaching abroad on a very personal level, including live sessions, demos, Q&A and is joyful to teach and help others grow and find there innate healing power.

Students vary in the range of focus and interest, from spiritualists, intuitive's, holistic practitioners, energy healers, empaths, mediums, seers, plant medicine intuitive's, animal healers, medicine men, and etheric readers. 

Unknown to many, there is a very huge market of corporate employers & employees needing direction and a safe way to embrace an unleash their gifts without feeling completely insane in their world. As spiritual gifts have not been widely excepted for western culture or the corporate world. 

 Stormy has assisted Professors, Marketing Directors, Doctors, Nurses and so many more that have incredible gifts, and have remained hidden for some, a lifetime. 

Corporate Healings:

 She has worked with hundreds of students in local workshops who became graduates in her certification programs and has taught corporately leading group meditations and mindfulness for CEO's and CFO's of Financial Institutes, Banking Centers, and Government Officials representing child care services.


 Annually Stormy assists a tribe of souls on a Transformational Journey through Spiritual Retreats. 

Combing Ancient Practices, Energy Medicine, & Sound Frequency Therapy, Spiritual Healing & much more. 

She continues to holds events regularly for those unable to travel a long distance.

Transformation for the three-part being is possible; Assisting the Mind, Body, and Spirit with over a decade of practice behind her she is helping others awaken and live the life they have desired. 

A Leading Expert in the field of Spiritual Transformation and Divine Awakenings.

 Stormy Lake is Touching Lives & Transforming Souls From Florida to The Netherlands. 

"Where Science & Energy Meet Spirituality “

Stormy Lake ~ 2007-2019

Divine Energy is a Sacred Space offered to others for Soul Healing, Renewed Energy, Optimal Health,

* Spiritual Awakenings * & * Transformative Growth *. Thus providing harmony peace and a purpose-filled life for complete balance, transforming the path to wellness from WITHIN.

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Where is She Located? 

213 S. Dillard St. Suite 110A

Winter Garden Fl 34787

Stormy is local to Central Florida, practicing in Orlando Florida and currently serving Internationally through live distant healing, live teachings, sound therapy sessions and more, from Florida to the Netherlands.

 Join her Ascending Summit and subscribe to Divine Energy's monthly newsletters, public events, certification programs, and retreats. Be Inspired by the most Authentic Workshops, Native Body Drumming, Somatic Healing Circles, Sound Healing, Miracle Meditations and much more. 

Divine Energy & Stormy Lake Photo

We Are All Made Perfect & Each Living Being is Authentically Unique. 

You Are A Master Piece, Perfectly Blended & Created By Fabulous Energy. We All Cary A Coat of Many Colors, So Don't Let "A Thing" Lower Your Body Mind Or Brain, Let Your Light SHINE & Be The Divine Flame! 

   *Stormy Lake*​

We Are All Made Perfect According to Divine Code & Each Living Being is Authentically Unique.

You Are A Masterpiece, Perfectly Blended & Created By Fabulous Energy. 

We living beings carry a coat of many colors, 

 did you know you were born to shine,

 For even in the thunder, the sun does not hide.

 So Let Not “A Thing” Lower Your Vibe.

 Be The Divine Flame you were created & called to be 

Move in Conviction with your destiny, and do it 


*Stormy Lake*

What our customers are saying

I would highly recommend Stormy and her business, Divine Energy Healing to family, friends, and co-workers and I can't wait to return again!

Janette Springfield 

It's not to be forgotten, we are Body, Mind & Spirit.

All must be in balance, & in harmony for each of us to be healthy, whole, and complete.

When our bodies are strong and full of vitality, our minds are awake and sharp, and our spirits are loving and open…& only then can we experience incredible ENERGY Incredible love and a life of Passion for the living!

See our Sanctuary for Balance.

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