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Divine Energy 

Sacred Alchemy &


      Spirituality ® 

Sacred Alchemy

 & Spirituality 


Thanks for checking in, be sure to have a look around there is much to see. If you have questions please call direct. 

Healing Is Your Birthright ~ 

So...Claim It!

Healing Made Simple

Divine Energy Cares!​

Divine Energy offers a Unique Blend of Innate Resources for all Healing Modalities and all walks of life.

Metaphysical to Spiritual, Eastern to Western,

Traditional to Wholistic.

We got you covered.

Combination sessions and single applications can be blended to fit your needs.

Sound Healing, Energy Medicine, Meridian Flushing, Chakra Balancing, Organ Reset & Restoration, Soul Detoxification, Mental Detox, Emotional Healing, Spiritual Transformation, Personal Healing, Spiritual Warfare,

Deliverance & Personal Purification of the Soul. .

Combining Her Gifts of Infinite Wisdom For Unity of World Healing!

A woman of Native American Descent & Diversity in her upbringing of Creek Indian.

 Stormy Lake combines the many cultures of healing in such a Unique way, introducing a 

New Era of Holistic Healing for all walks of life.

Certified Master Teacher, Practitioner & Educational Director.

Stormy Lake is Owner of Divine Energy Healing Inc, 

IIOSHEM = (International Institute Of Spiritual Healing) & Door2SpiritRetreats.

Certified In The Following: 

Click Link above. 


The above courses seen here are a small glimpse of a few weekend courses and certifications in Holistic Energy Therapy offered sometimes 2x a month. See options our weekend C.P. Courses HERE.  

Our 2021 Foundations 1 & 2 Programs offers a different level of teaching for advanced students who want to expand into the healing arts to deepen the level of innate healing to their practice. 

 The Foundations course is a optional year level 1 & 2 Certification Program for Holistic Health Practitioners. The Foundations programs offered combines Energetic & Spiritual application in the Supernatural through the spirit of God and scientific healing properties to assist all walks of life alike at any age, bridging harmony back to the Body Soul & Spirit as naturally designed. Stay posted for details coming soon.

 See  for more information.

What our customers are saying

I would highly recommend Stormy and her business, Divine Energy Healing to family, friends, and co-workers and I can't wait to return again! 

Susan Johnson

See our Reviews Here. 

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Janette Springfield 

"Where Science & Energy Meet Spirituality “

Stormy Lake ~ 2020

Divine Energy is a Sacred Space offered to others for Soul Healing, Renewed Energy, Optimal Health,

* Spiritual Awakenings * 

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Divine Energy & Stormy Lake Photo

We Are All Made Perfect & Each Living Being is Authentically Unique. 

You Are A Master Piece, Perfectly Blended & Created By Fabulous Energy. We All Cary A Coat of Many Colors, So Don't Let "A Thing" Lower Your Body Mind Or Brain, Let Your Light SHINE & Be The Divine Flame! 

   *Stormy Lake*​

We Are All Made Perfect According to Divine Code & Each Living Being is Authentically Unique.

You Are A Masterpiece, Perfectly Blended & Created By Fabulous Energy. 

We living beings carry a coat of many colors, 

 did you know you were born to shine,

 For even in the thunder, the sun does not hide.

 So Let Not “A Thing” Lower Your Vibe.

 Be The Divine Flame you were created & called to be 

Move in Conviction with your destiny, and do it 


*Stormy Lake*

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It's not to be forgotten, we are Body, Mind & Spirit.

All must be in balance, & in harmony for each of us to be healthy, whole, and complete.

When our bodies are strong and full of vitality, our minds are awake and sharp, and our spirits are loving and open…& only then can we experience incredible ENERGY Incredible love and a life of Passion for the living!

See our Sanctuary for Balance.

Divine Energy Healing