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The Healing Sanctuary

Divine Energy

 Healing Services, Energy Work,

Hormone Health & More

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November Blessings Saves BIG!!

When Purchacing please include contact number in notes. 

We will contact you direct to set up your custom sessions in

 November and either a 

Full or New Moon Group SoundBath Option of choice.

Yoga Am Dates Include November - 1,8,15,22,29th - 5:30 AM 

and PM Classes are  10th & 17th 7:00 - 8:30 PM 

PM Yoga (includes 30 minutes of sound healing)

This Package is Valued at $447.10 

Thats $239.60 YOU SAVE!!! - No Refundes or Credits offered.

Your Self Love Promotion Investment -  $207.50

Package Exspires 11/30/22 

Last Day to Book 10/31/22


Sacred Sanctuary Energy Spa

Sacred Santuary Energy Spa

The Sacred Sanctuary ~ 2 Healing Suite Options - Specialty Services

We Offer Many Services in our Wellness Center. Yoga/Meditation, Energy Healing, Hormone Sessions, Sound Healing, 1/2 and Full Day Retreats & Much More.

In Addition we hold 2 Amazing Healing Suites that

cater to different modalities for wellness.

All Sessions can be customized to your personal needs.

This Suite offers a tranquil atmosphere unmatched to any other ambience providing

Exclusive Healing Treatments. Some Not offered anywhere else in the U.S.

Click Here to see our Sacred Sanctuary Menu

Divine Energy 

Sacred Alchemy &


      Spirituality ® 

Sacred Alchemy

 & Spirituality 


Spirit Drumming

Shamans Journeys Native Medicine & Sacred Sound Meditations. Held for Group Classes and Privates.

A Personal Group Gathering. Drum Journey or Themed Ceremony.. We have many options. Reach Out!

Click Here...

Sacred Blessings

Native Ceremonies, Drum Circles & Powwows. Group Events & Private Events.

Want A Private Blessing or Guided Spirit Vision?

We Create Your Theme. Retreat or Girls Night Out?

We got you covered.

Contact Us - Click Here

Sound Of Music

 Monthly Healing Symphony Combines Multi Level Therapy Tools for Vibration & Rhythmic Healing

Private Sound Baths Made For you. "Group Gatherings"

Yes We create your desired Vibration For Meditation .. Click Here..

Divine Energy offers a Unique Blend of Innate Resources for all Healing Modalities and all walks of life.

Metaphysical to Spiritual, Eastern to Western,

Traditional to Wholistic.

We got you covered.

Combination sessions and single applications can be blended to fit your needs.


Sound Healing, Energy Medicine, Meridian Flushing, Chakra Balancing, Organ Reset, Mindful Restoration, Soul Detoxification, Mental Detox, Emotional Healing, Spiritual Transformation, Personal Readings, Crystal Healing, Guided Meditation, Yoga, Breath Work, Spiritual Warfare, Deliverance &

​Personal Purification of the Soul.

"Where Science & Energy Meet Spirituality “

Stormy Lake ~ 2021

Divine Energy is a Sacred Space offered to others for Soul Healing, Renewed Energy, Optimal Health,

* Spiritual Awakenings * 

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What our customers are saying

I would highly recommend Stormy and her business, Divine Energy Healing to family, friends, and co-workers and I can't wait to return again! 

Susan Johnson

See our Reviews Here. 

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Janette Springfield 

It's not to be forgotten, we are Body, Mind & Spirit.

All must be in balance, & in harmony for each of us to be healthy, whole, and complete.

When our bodies are strong and full of vitality, our minds are awake and sharp, and our spirits are loving and open…& only then can we experience incredible ENERGY Incredible love and a life of Passion for the living!

See our Sanctuary for Balance.

Divine Energy Healing