Stormy Lake 

Stormy Lake has practiced natural healing & has been in the Holistic Health field for over a decade and works as a Healing Arts & Energy Medicine Practitioner, leads group healing, weekend workshops on multi-levels, holds annual retreats, and gathers groups for the hope in healing through sacred prayer regularly. She has poured her passion into building a foundation for upcoming Spiritual Entrepreneurs, to help those to gain access to an open heaven and kingdom living at the International Institute of Spiritual Healing & School of Energy Medicine. She is a mother of one, and is passionate about all natural forms of healing, oil blending, fitness, yoga, healthy living, sacred space, meditation, and sun-moon, and stargazing, native drumming, sound healing, and claiming only light & love in her home, energy body & sacred works in all areas. She has practiced & lived this style of sacristy for over 2 decades. Exceptionally gifted in Spiritual Healing & Soul Transformation, Emotional Freedom, Physical Restoration, Language of Light Toning & Spiritual Deliverance.

Prophetic Healing is her Specialty while combining Energy Medicine, 

This work is her truest joy, spiritual path, & soul purpose.

  She is committed to building the blocks of faith in her clients to restore what has been lost & give back what has been taken. Passionate about her work and heart-centered focus for her clients

she created the ultimate *Energy Shift* of blending Harmony with Physical Balance.

Thus resulting in a Supernatural movement of Energy Clearing by combining Spiritual Transformation & Soul Healing as a whole unit:

She uses a number of healing modalities and covers a stairway of healing options to support the different needs of her clients and provides opportunities for advanced healing by meeting them where they're at.  She includes easy routines to keep the body on track, based on but not limited to the 12 Primary Energy Systems known as ( Meridians ) that may be compromised. 

She makes healing easy to remember and fun for teaching classes and workshops monthly on natural healing & how to heal thyself, to promote wellness & enhance the bodies Energy System.

Stormy’s Intuitive healing in addition to her learned trades, is given specifically by

Words of Knowledge & Visual Guidance, through the one source of Pure Divine Light & Love - God. 

Stormy is RAISING AWARENESS in the hope of natural healing made accessible to the fingertips of every soul inquiring. 

Strong in her faith for restoration she stands dedicated to helping others heal from the INSIDE out.

Her many teachings & personal sessions promote various ways to enhance the bodies Energy System, strengthen the spirit, clear the mind, and simplify the reality of balance (Mind, Body, Spirit ) by tangible transformation in her sessions and thus affecting all areas of one's life.

Such results are Stress Relief,  Resilience, Vitality, Inner Peace, Harmony,  Soul Healing,  JOY * BLISS and provide clients the gift to heal-thy-self with EFT and EFM, meridian clearing and so much more.

Divine Energy is building one soul at a time in spiritual strength and raising warriors of hope through the unseen yet tangible energy of Supernatural Healing.

Prayer Requesting is an Absolute Honor to do so & Always available to anyone in need.

Stormy Lake is Owner of Divine Energy Healing Inc.

Serving as an Advanced Holistic Practitioner, Spiritual Adviser & Advocate, Teacher, Energy Healer and Proficient Practitioner. 

Energy Coach, Advanced Prophetic Expert in Body Healing, Dreams and Visions, Interpretations and Application. Ordained Minister, Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner. 

Advanced Certified Practitioner in Akashic Records by Linda Howl,

Advanced Certified Therapist in Akashic Records Mystery School by Amanda Romania, Sedona AZ. 

 Advanced Crystal Practitioner, Ancient Wisdom Grids, and Sacred Geometry.

Founder & President of Door 2 Spirit Retreats.

Owner & Director of

(The International Institute of Spiritual Healing & School of Energy Medicine.)

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