These Covid 19 Deals are here to assist. If purchasing more than one session, add total and input the total for all selected. Include in the notes your sessions of choice, with phone number and email. I will contact you to schedule direct, or you may go to the online calendar and reserve time.

Covid-19 Hardship Specials. A Gift That Brings Gods Grace..

Hello to all. During these trying times God has written his heart on mine to offer a Hardship Special of $75 on all Distant Healing. This is not my gift to you but Gods Truly. 

We also hold Prayer as well live every Friday night on Facebook, Click Here to Follow/Like & Join Us.

Below are just a few options but everything is available via live zoom, remotely with live call follow up, MP3 recordings, and Skype Sessions also.

AGAIN - All Healing can be done live on Zoom, Skype or Remote.

Please contact direct for any need you have or questions that need answers. 

Stormy Lake - [email protected] Contact Direct 321-443-5195

Crystalline Balance

Live on Zoom Crystal Balance - $95

45 minutes Discount $ 47.50

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Hardship Special 

Distant Clear / Spiritual Healing

Need to align your body for optimal healing? Regulate energy, clear emotions and feel balanced? 1st time - $110

 Special $75.00

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Reiki Healing Balance 

55 minutes Reiki Virtual Only - #DEALS $47.50 

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Distant House Clearing  

Spiritual Clear 

Deep Wholeness 

 Special $85 

Regular $105.00

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Package Deals

Purchase Our Healing Package of 5 sessions all  lasting 60 minutes and can be blended to fit your needs. Bonus Back Deal ~ You get 1 FREE. 

Total of 6 Healing Sessions.

This can also be shared with a friend or family member. 

Not sure what you need? 

I am happy to assist your energetic frequency needs and direct you to the best healing route for your body.

     SAVE - $110  

 Save Big!

Sacred Heart Healing 

Native Medicine

$75 - 55 minutes 

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Deep Cleansing Options: 

Pick 1 - Please include details of choice in notes on payout link.

 Thyroid Balance - $55

Liver Balance - $55

Kidney Cleanse - $55

Gallbladder Flush - $55 

Bladder Cleanse -  $55

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Fresh Start Single Options: 

Pick 1 

 Include choice in notes on link. - 45 min 

 Opening your Inner Seer  $55 - 45 minutes

Pineal Cleanse - $55 - Awaken to Clarity and be still.

SolarPlexus Clearing - The Weight-loss and Worry 

Balance - $55

Womb Awakening  - $55 Spring back in to creativity.

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40 Minute Combo Packages

 Buy 4 get one FREE! 

 1. Reaching Faith - 

Crown Clearing 

2. Opening your Inner - Seer  

 Pineal Cleanse for intuition.

4. Speak Truth 

Throat Clearing. 

3. SolarPlexus - 

Weight-loss & Worry Cleanse. Time to Let it go.

4. Womb Awakening Restart.

Burt new creative passions.

5. Clearing the Foundations Root Clearing, removing old traumas healing negative beliefs. 

Total Price - $280

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Self Love Restoration 

A Mind & Body Detox 

Starts HERE!!

Be Open to the Possibilities!

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