Regain your Power & Stop Vulnerability. 

Empaths, Healers, Teachers, Everyday Humans. 

We all have moments of Vulnerability.  But you don't need to lose your energy or give your power away. This modality allows you to be YOU and fully stay in the present and harness your resources while being fully empowered. 

This is done 3 times with very Deep Breath. 

Energy Doesn't move without breath. Inhale as you trace up, exhale when you push out.

Do This as Needed. It may hold for several hours, but if you begin to get sensitive excuse your self and go in the bathroom and reconnect.

Get Focused, Redirect Your Stress, 

Overcome Fear!

Fear has as much power as you GIVE IT! 

Don't feed the Fire that wants to take you out. Regain focus, power & self-control through ~ Our Energy Reset Tips Created For You! 

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A Peek Of Our Healing Arts Work

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Spiritual Health Matters

Some Things We Do!! Helping Others find Truth.

Crystal Bowl Meditation

Healing through Vibrational Resonance, Sound Healing Meditation. Resetting the Endocrine system with Endocrine Crystal Bowls and aligning Chakras.