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A Healing Sanctuary

Divine Energy

How Can This Assist  Me?

Spiritually & Energetically?

For individuals, couples, and group therapy sessions let us assist you in your Energetic Healing, Spiritual Freedom, Emotional Balancing & Physical Restoration to help you to raise your body vibration for innate healing. We focus on balance from within to heal throughout: Utilizing our non-invasive natural therapies such as Energy Medicine, Kinesiology, Acupressure, Chakra Healing, Native Medicine, Color Infusion, Gemstones, Sound Therapy, and so much more. These are only a few options. We believe you can Over Come what no longer has authority over you when you be well within.




Low Self-Esteem




Life Transgressions

Energy Blocks, Confusion, & or Physical Pain.

Anger, Worry, Paralyzed Will or Shame, has no space to thrive in the Divine *

You are a Divine light being.

  We assess the energy body and the symptoms to help eliminate stress through energy testing. Whereby the supporting results restore and balance the body naturally. We ask the wisdom of the body, and by energy correction, we can then, in turn, support your healing needs and energetically help you to reduce and possibly eliminate the symptoms of the root cause. Assessment of the body is the key to healing. Any energy imbalance not assessed and corrected could have created the cause of physical pain. It can be corrected and released typically with Energy Medicine. So by natural healing modalities from cultures around the world and Spirit Guiding Wisdom, we guide you to the whole truth and allow you to choose the option to heal. We offer Personal Prayer for those needing unity in fellow support, as your walk is never alone. Just ask us and we will book your personal prayer request held Individually and personally. From there out Stormy brings your request into Sacred Prayer Sanctuary daily, & yes it is always Free.

This list is just a sample of what Divine Energy Healing can help you with. We will work with a number of modalities to get you on the road to Whole Health, and a sound mind of Peace & Tranquility.

Call or email us for an appointment. We do not take insurance but are willing to work with your financial needs, we look forward to speaking with you and we 

joyfully honor the opportunity to assist you. Divine Energy Healing Welcomes, 


What Is GOING ON in your Mind?

The Power of Your Mind Is - KEY - TO OUR Reality, & the Life we Currently LIVE.

 Stormy 2020

Words to those who may have an ear to hear.

 Life It isn’t easy and none of us are any different to each other, those with unlimited resources and too, those who have little, we remain, all the same, we are all human, we all make mistakes, no one is perfect. 

We all strive for more of something no matter how much we have or do not have. Life is not easy EVERYONE has struggles hardships and pain in some way or another.  Sometimes we get off track or pulled over to a road covered in many shadows that are not clearly seen by human eyes - It's all part of a beautiful story.. but you can’t see the end. 

“So what lays behind us shapes us, and what lays ahead is the Mystery, not a bucket of Misery.” 

“You have a choice to choose.” 

Quote by Stormy Lake 


"The Journey”

Sometimes we get lost in our purpose, passions or dreams.  Yet it's the getting through and picking our self up that carves our path and builds the energy of faith - for that obstacle may be the hardest burden you think you might have ever faced. 

Then having the reality of thinking you could die in trying to overcome it in the 1st place. 

Yea I got it, but Guess What !!!  You're not built to carry anything on your own.


You're not alone, none of us walk alone. The day we stop learning by the steps we may take, is the day our hearts harden for lack of need, and very little faith. The day we think we’ve got it all figured out - leaves a hollow space in the soul and sets us up for shadows to dance in our destiny and your story is stolen. This result of thinking is a circle in the sand with no door out, that thought process will show up as ignorance and a hardened heart when things don’t go as planned and your plans fall apart. 

Wisdom & Renewed Strength does not come from man, but only hope gives us the tools to humble yourself and have a plan.

 It is a narrow mind in a moment of arrogance and a prideful state when you think you have all it takes to get through & there is much to be learned from a man who can’t see is called a fool. 

Be joyful to know that It is healthy to fall,  it is the warriors who get back up, the one who knows inside that nothing is too much, and you too can stand strong without the shame. As getting knocked down is part of the game! 

So stand up and place your focus on what you cannot see with eyes, but lives in the heart, for it is only by faith we are made to bend not break apart.

“Clearing the Clutter"

 Focus your thoughts on what your inner child wants to achieve, and let the world not hold you back from your dreams,  people who are strong in spirit never look back unless they glance to see how far they came! 

Remember that your Imagination is a gift that was sent by God - so use it wisely and focus Not on what you don’t have - but what you will have because It has been said, that what you imagine you will become, inherit have and attain!

“ Spiritual Space "

Our imagination is the movie screen of our mind and it is a very powerful tool given to us by God himself. 

 The reason for our imagination is so that we could envision ourselves as God sees us. Whatever we think and dwell on is going to be playing on the movie screen of our mind and manifest by the thoughts rolling inside.

 So let me ask you… what kind of movies have you been playing?

Are you seeing scenarios in your mind based on fear, worry, doom, sickness, despair, oppression? 

Perhaps it’s thoughts of depression, negativity, grief, sorrow, anger, doubt, or resentment? 

AGAIN - What we think about repeatedly is going to determine our mindset and how we view ourselves & others.

These moments if not taken captive in our mind - become our lives, &  will then grow deeper in darkness.

Hope requires us to envision and inhabit the world that we cannot perceive with our senses. 

God has given you a Spirit of power, love, a sound mind, and self-control. That means you determine what you think about. You have the power, given to you by God, to control  & overcome your thoughts and imagination. So grab your desires, not your fears. God designed you that way on purpose! 

 We live in the physical realm of Earth, tangible to touch,  and trying to hold on is often tiresome for those who struggle to comprehend the power of a spiritual existence that is one with us and lives in us.

“The Spirit Man "

However, inside you lives a force that is much stronger than the weight of this realm-

In a world where an invisible God lovingly maintains his creation, where the Son of God became a human child, died on a cross to save us, and is seated at the right hand of God in glory, walks every day with you, and in him

 ( unseen ) to man, only found by faith,  has given you all the spiritual gifts in heavenly places, and the hope of your future births many blessings and those spiritual gifts are waiting for you to claim.


Philippians 4: 8-9 (The Message Bible) says this about what we are to think about and imagine. “Summing it all up, friends, I’d say you’ll do best by filling your minds and meditating on things true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious - the best, not the worst; the beautiful, NOT NOT NOT not the ugly; ONLY the things to praise and be Joyful about., not things to curse”.

Stormy Lake