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Why The New Moon?

About The New Moon Healing.

When the new moon rises it gives us the ability to create and manifest whatever our heart desires. Where our mind goes our energy flows, so it’s important to release anything that would stop us from living our fullest potential.

The new moon gives us a full two weeks to harness the energy of what we would like to receive for the inheritance of the Energetic Frequencies of the unborn full moon that is coming.

To those coming forward in this healing, the new moon allows us to gain insight and to redirect our personal energy for what we would like to manifest before the full moon arrives. This is what we call the magical time... in this space we create and birth our ideas inspirations and desires to life...

This cannot happen without intention.

Come take a refreshing deep journey through the

Healing Art of Divine Energy’s Sacred Sound Vibrational Therapy.

This holistic approach to wellness has incredible results. Sound healing is effective because it influences our emotional bodies as well as our physical bodies.

Different sound vibrations interact with our physical and energetic bodies in beneficial ways:

New Moon Sound Bath Dates:

All New Moon ~ Sound Bath Dates 2021:

Start Time - TBA

Divine Energy Healing Arts Sacred Sound Therapy

A Sound Meditation for Holistic Healing:

Scheduled Dates: 2021

All New Moon Sound Baths are located off site from our Main Property.

New Moon Baths Will Hosted at a home away from home located at The Sacred Alchemy Healing Spa.

Check Monthly Calendar for all Full Moon, New Moon and other listed events, for dates, locations and times.

January 13th

February 11th

March 13th

April 12th

May 11th

June 10th

July 10th

August 8th

September 7th

October 6th

November 4th

December 4th