Transformation starts when we spread our wings ~ Stormy Lake

 Workshops range from teaching self-healing to transforming lifestyles.

 Stormy teaches on various levels and combines various forms of techniques & modalities to reach each soul's need for individual transformation. Stormy Specializes in Energy Medicine for Spiritual Transformation, a personal testimony of Divine Creation.  

Classes vary from the basic energy balancing to sacred blessings for the body * home * surroundings, as well as Crystal Healing, Angel Therapy... and so much more. 

Promoting sound healing is one of her many loves. 

Native Drumming, Gong Healing, Crystal bowls, Somatic Toning and Sacred Prayers for

healing to all levels - surface2soul. 

Divine Energy who is (GOD) & Stormy Lake, as a willing vessel, works through the scientific evidence of Energy Medicine and combines her personal intimacy of Sacristy with the Divine Pathway of Prayer for all works at hand. This is her soul passion and spiritual purpose of assisting others through the power of love and the essence & spirit of the Divine. 

Promoting hope in the lives of others, lifting the spirit, building faith, and encouraging souls to strengthen from within & teach the power of personal will activation, whereby they choose the path to be well from the inside out.

So it is here that miracles manifest in all walks of life and testimonies are many.

Stormy Quotes ~ "It's one soul at a time, and everyone can connect to the Divine from within."

 Healing is your Birthright & Its Free. 

Divine Energy is "Gods" and it is our Divine Inheritance to Claim it.

Stormy Lake teaching the basic of natural healing, Its "Free" come join us monthly for your energy balance & increase your energy.  

Everything is ENERGY, healing is at your fingertips & mother-nature is Free.

Connect to the Unlimited Energy that has been given & live your  life as if it were your last day.